0.99¢ Per Hour Package


  • 0.99¢ for the first 4 hours and $2.50 is the price for any succeeding C.E. Hours.
  • This is an à la carte option for those who need a few C.E. hours to renew their certificate.
  • Access to all C.E. Courses.
  • All purchased courses can be completed within a year.


  • Click here for the 0.99¢ Per Hour Package.
  • Select the C.E. course that you need.
  • Once you select your course, go to CART to proceed to CHECK OUT.
  • Once you are in MY ACCOUNT, select your course material.
  • Once you are done reading the material, then you can take the test.
  • Certificate of Completion for each C.E. Course passed will be displayed in the dashboard.

0.99¢ for the first 4 C.E. hours then $2.50 for any succeeding C.E. hours.
Go to 0.99¢ Package's Course List to choose a course.
Your purchased course, course material, video, exam, account details and billing information will all be displayed in My Account.