Here are the frequently asked questions by our users.


Question: How do I select the right package?

  • If you only need a few courses for renewal then you can choose the 0.99 Cents Per Hour package because they have four courses that is priced for only 0.99 cents.
  • If you need 24 hours for the renewal of your certificate then it will be beneficial to get the 1 year or 2 years unlimited package.

Question: Am I allowed to retake the exam if I failed during the first take?

  • You are allowed to retake the exam if you failed during the first take.
  • You have three chance to retake a course exam.
  • In the 0.99 cents package, failing to pass an exam for the 3rd time means that you need to re-purchase the course back in the course list.

Question: Where can I download the course material?

  • The course material is available when you purchase a course but they can only be viewed and you cannot download the course material.

Question: You have an option to either watch the whole video or read the course material before taking an exam.

  • Yes, You have to watch the entire video first before you cant take the exam. There will be a voice over in the entire video and in this way you will be able to hear and read the topics which is an effective strategy in studying to help you retain the information much longer.

Question: You can find the TAKE TEST button in your dashboard MY ACCOUNT, once you have purchased a course.

  • If you have bought the test and not taken it yet, then go to your own profile on our website and click on ‘take test’, your test will start.

Question: Will I be able to cancel LIVE CLASS registration and be able to get back my refund?

You can cancel your paid registration before the LIVE CLASS event can take place. For further details about a LIVE CLASS cancellation kindly read our EVENT CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY.

Note: There is a deadline on the cancellation of the reservation, it can be found on the event description. If the deadline to cancel a registration is not specifically stated on registration page, the default deadline will be three business days (72 hours) before the event. Cancellations received after the stated deadline will not be eligible for a refund.

Question: How long do I have to wait for my test result?

  • You will receive your test results as soon as you have finish your test. Your test result and certificate of completion will also be displayed in MY ACCOUNT.

Question: How long is the validity of the certificate?

  • After passing the course, you will be issued a certificate of completion.
    The validity of the certificate is good for two (2) years starting from the date of completion.