Skill Videos

In this section you will find a list of videos which helps better understand your responsibilities and succeed in your career:

  1. Applies One Knee-High Elastic Stocking (click to view)
  2. Assists to Ambulate Using Gait Belt (click to view)
  3. Cleans Upper and Lower Dentures (click to view)
  4. Counts and Records Radial Pulse (click to view)
  5. Counts and Records Respirations (click to view)
  6. Donning and Doffing a Full Set of PPE (click to view)
  7. Dresses a Resident with an Affected Right Arm (click to view)
  8. Feeds a Dependent Resident (click to view)
  9. Gives a Bed Bath (click to view)
  10. Makes an Occupied bed  (click to view)
  11. Makes an Unoccupied bed (click to view)
  12. Measures and Records Blood Pressure (click to view)
  13. Measures and Records Urinary Output (click to view)
  14. Measures and Records Weight of Ambulatory Resident (click to view)
  15. Measures Electronic Blood Pressure (click to view)
  16. Performs Passive Range of Motion Exercises (click to view)
  17. Positions on Side (click to view)
  18. Provides Catheter Care for Female Resident (click to view)
  19. Provides Foot Care (click to view)
  20. Provides Mouth Care (click to view)
  21. Provides Oral Care for an Unconscious Resident (click to view)
  22. Transfers from Bed to Wheelchair Using Transfer Belt (5 min.) (click to view)
  23. Transfers from Bed to Wheelchair Using Transfer Belt (click to view)
  24. Washes Hands (click to view)

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