Nevada CEs Required

CNA Ceus Required: 24 hours are every renewal period. The NV Board accepts ceus which have been approved by another state board of nursing. So, you will choose "Florida Board of Nursing" or "California Dept of Health Services" as the accrediting organization which has approved the ceus.

Contact Information
Nevada State Board of Nursing
Licensure and Certification Department
2500 W. Sahara Ave, Suite #207
Las Vegas, NV 89102-4392
Phone: 888-590-6726

Nevada CNA Continuing Education Information

Ceus Required: 24 hours every 2 years

Ceus you can take from You can take all 24 of your NV cna ceus from CNA Renewal Services

If a continuing education provider is approved by another state nursing board it is accepted by the Nevada State Board of Nursing.

Proof of 40 hours of employment as a CNA under the direction of a licensed nurse. Your 40 hours of employment must be as a CNA and in the Board-authorized scope of practice as a CNA. You must enter the full name, state, and license number of the nurse who is verifying that you worked 40 hours in the scope of a CNA in the previous two years. The Board conducts random audits of these employment verifications. The 24 hours of continuing education/training courses and the 40 hours of employment must be within the past 24 months.